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Puripan Loose Leaf Herbal Tea, Yerba Mate

Item# 35062
  • Eco-friendly rice paper packaging
  • Resealable ziploc bag keeps tea leaves fresh and ready for brewing
  • USDA Organic and Quality Assurance International Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade Certified to meet strict economic, social and environmental criteria
  • More oolong, black, green, white, herbal teas and flavor to choose from
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Intense and robust, with an okay, full-bodied flavor that blends the grassiness of green tea with the earthy heartiness of coffee. The Loose Tea Experience: For true tea lovers, nothing compares to the experience of the aroma and flavor of loose leaf tea. Since these leaves aren't constrained by a pre-measured steeping bag, your palate is your guide to full-flavored enjoyment. And making the perfect cup of tea starts with a quality filtered or spring water. Once known as the Drink of the Gods, yerba mate is still harvested beneath the rainforest canopy, along the banks of the Amazon by native tribes. Today, as always, it's enjoyed for its invigorating energy and uplifting refreshment. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International. USDA Organic.
Organic Shade Grown Yerba Mate.
To Open: gently tear at notch at top of the bag. Store in a cool dry place and keep in original container. How to Steep: 1.Heat 8 oz water to 200?? - 212??. 2. Place 1 tsp of tea in teapot or diffuser, let steep for 4 - 6 minutes. Pour tea. For stronger tea use more tea. 3. Do not steep for extra time, for your tea may become bitter.
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