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Welcome to Teao2.com, the online destination for aromatherapy plush animals that demonstrate hot cold and aroma therapy. The secret lies in our special blend of 9 FDA food grade herbs and flaxseeds used as the filling. You receive therapeutic benefits simply by breathing in the pleasant aroma. For heat therapy, simply put your cuddly animal bear or eye pillow directly into the microwave and heat it up; as for cold therapy, leave it in freezer for a few hours.

addition to providing an adorable and cuddly collectible stuffed animal, Aromaplush hot, cold and aroma therapy products can be used to relieve symptoms from many different ailments and medical conditions. They are also useful in calming anxiety and alleviating stress and sleeplessness. Many find the special design, soft fabrics, size and weight to be a particularly calming and comforting combination, and people view our products as treasured companions and essential personal care products.

In the ever changing world of hot cold therapy, We recognize that there simply can't be one solution that's above all. This requires us to listen to our customers in all regions and at all time. As such, we think Teao2.com is into the customer service where we can find inspiration by making our solution approachable and adaptable to broader base.

Our hot and cold solution is simple, so does our philosophy of customer service: provide warmth to our customer and to cool issues down. We guarantee that within 30 days of purchase, if you don't feel our product suits your need; simply return it for a full refund. It's just that simple!

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